Talbot Shaving - Old Burying Ground - Premium Shaving Soap

Talbot Shaving - Old Burying Ground - Premium Shaving Soap

Talbot Shaving

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From TalbotShaving:

Part seven (final story post): So with all of the really cool moments behind me, it was time to get to work. I created the label, had it printed and shipped. I worked with many fragrances to create the scent, and landed on a green grass and floral note, ending in a subtle, yet present dirt and wood note. Everything was on track.
One morning soon after, I was working on my family tree. My research on one branch took me to Windsor, Ct. Windsor and Westfield are connected by the fact that the same group of settlers from Europe settled in both areas, oftentimes by different members of the same families. I thought that was a cool connection, so I dug a little deeper. Then I saw the name Dewey. And I dug a little more, and there it was. Thomas Dewey. The gravestone memorializing Thomas Dewey, the very stone my brother and I helped fix by so many random moments taking us there months earlier, was placed in memory of our 11th Great Grandfather, and generations more. He was one of the first settlers of Windsor, and while he’s likely buried in Windsor, no marker exists. But here in Westfield, he is remembered. And that beautiful moment had my brother and I in jaw dropping awe.

The stone is on the label of this soap, which was already printed when I found out about our direct lineage.

While not every story has an ending like this, hard reality indicates that cemeteries are in desperate need of people to care for them. A lot of city cemeteries and popular cemeteries receive funding to care for them. Others in small towns and rural areas are not so lucky. And those who do tend to them are often eager and excited for help in any form, whether it be money, time, labor, research, or maintenance.

Old Burying Ground isn’t just the story of THIS burying ground. It’s about all of them. To help with the one I have grown so attached to, all of the proceeds from the sale of this soap will go directly to the Westfield Historical Commission, to help with upkeep on this beautiful land.
@maolgrooming will be offering a matching aftershave for this as well. Once we are closer to everything being where it needs to be, we will offer a release date.

Scent Notes: A rosy floral forward note of a loved ones visit evolves to the greens of the grass and subtle dirt notes of the cemetery called “The Old Burying Ground”.

Ingredients:  Stearic acid, water, tallow, glycerin, potassium hydroxide, shea butter, fragrance, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, rice bran oil, kokum butter, lanolin, palm kernel flakes, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, babassu oil

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