Tcheon Fung Sing - Shaving Soap - NASA Mars

Tcheon Fung Sing - Shaving Soap - NASA Mars

Tcheon Fung Sing

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NASA Mars shaving soap 125ml

Made with the innovative formula based on cannabis and calamine, a natural clay that gives a fantastic lifting effect. Cleans, protects and moisturizes the skin, helping the blades slide to avoid potential cuts. Prevents irritation.

Its fragrance based on natural products will surprise you. A floral and sweet aroma with touches of amber and vanilla with a heart of rose, jasmine, gardenia and orchid, which will accompany you throughout the day.

Made in Italy.

Tcheon Fung Sing THE STORY:

Turin is the city that saw the birth of the Tcheon Fung Sing in 1945. A difficult name to pronounce and clearly oriental that tells the story of the first Chinese who opened a business in this city.

A small company that produced vegetable shaving soaps and sold three-hole razor blades manufactured in Solingen (Germany) with a trademark Tcheon Fung Sing. The homonymous founder arrived in Italy in 1930 where he married an Italian woman with whom, at the end of the war, he put his knowledge in the field of soaps to good use and began to produce, following the dictates of ancient art and tradition artisanal, shaving creams. A company that has a flavor of ancient rites and traditions, such as the traditional shaving that the new generations are now approaching. A fragment of Turin history that smells of mystery and emotions fortunately not yet lost.

After the founder and his wife, the company passed to the heirs: first the daughter, Gabriella Tcheon, and now the niece Paola Barile carry on this path. therefore women who innovate and produce the most masculine of toiletries ... shaving soap!

Generations of women who have succeeded in renewing the product line while maintaining production in harmony with nature, using only raw materials of vegetable origin refined without preservatives and the artisan manufacturing processes, experimenting with original formulas but above all with unexpected fragrances that only a woman can dare.

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