The Art of Shaving - After-Shave Balm 3.3 oz - Sandalwood (Previous Label)

The Art of Shaving

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Moisturize with Sandalwood After-Shave Balm
Enjoy rejuvenating moisture after you shave

What's Inside
1 Bottle of Sandalwood After-Shave Balm 3.3 OZ

What It Does
Even the most careful shave is hard on the skin. Our After-Shave Balm provides serious moisture that absorbs easily and leaves your skin looking and feeling healthy. Our After-Shave Balms are also an effective all-day moisturizer, lasting up to 8 hours and helping reduce the signs of aging.

The Difference Makers
Sustainably sourced Sandalwood essential oil for a warm, masculine aroma. Helps provide a protective moisture barrier. Nourishing hydration. Up to 8 hours of moisture. Won't clog pores. Clinically and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Suitable for all seasons.

Key Ingredients
Shea Butter and Glycerin help replenish moisture to the skin after shaving. Grape Seed Extract to help revitalize the skin. Sandalwood essential oil, known for nourishing dry skin.


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