The GoodFellas Smile - Sample Pack - 14 TGS Shave Soap Samples

The GoodFellas Smile - Sample Pack - 14 TGS Shave Soap Samples

The GoodFellas Smile

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The Tube 14 shaving creams size 10ml. 140ml – The Goodfellas’ smile

The Goodfellas’ Smile brand was founded in 2011 and since then, the mission has been to create quality Made in Italy products at an affordable price. For this reason, the study and selection of the cosmetic raw materials to be used have always been the focal point of our team.
We work constantly to improve our productions, making them qualitatively in line with the expectations of our customers, who are increasingly attentive to the quality and raw materials used in the products they decide to buy.

The Tube – 14 shaving cream size 10ml. 140mlThe Goodfellas’ smile.
All the shaving cream created by the Italian brand The Goodfellas’ smile in one solution: The Tube!.
35 centimetres long with a diameter of 4.3, The Tube contains all the fragrances currently in production (14).
The fragrances are divided into 14 10ml jars with the fragrance logos screen-printed on the cap.
The Tube contains an illustrated flyer with the design and ingredients of each product.

140ml of pure pleasure with which it will be possible to perform around 45 complete shaves!

The Tube, by The Goodfellas’ smile contains the following shaving soaps in 10ml pots:

Shaving cream Abysso
Shaving cream Chronos
Shaving cream Furiah
Shaving cream Inferno
Shaving cream Amber Fougere
Shaving cream Tallow N.1
Shaving cream Orange Empire
Shaving cream Royal Lime
Shaving cream Re Nero
Shaving cream Pino Alpestre
Shaving cream Savage
Shaving cream Sea Citrus
Shaving cream Shibusa 2
Shaving cream Solo | The moon story|

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