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The Goodfellas’ smile safety razor Styletto Silver

Styletto Silver safety razor in titanium steel – GAP 0.50

The gentlest safety razor in the Styletto line. Designed for those who like to shave daily, the Styletto Silver is a faithful and reliable companion that forgives every little mistake.

Styletto is the first (and only) line of AISI 316Ti (Titanium Steel) razors to be produced in Italy.

The Silver head is designed with a negative exposure at the base. This means that the razor blade inserted in the razor has an inclination such that it always remains geometrically inside the safety bar of the razor.
The plate’s drainage holes are large, making easy the hair removal under running water.

The elegant and timeless Styletto handle features a small (big) innovation never seen before – a Nylon washer pre-installed in the handle screw. This special feature locks the washer in place, preventing it from falling out.
NB: If necessary the washer can be removed by lifting it out from its slot and then reinserted.

Below the technical diagram of Styletto Silver:

Gap 0.50 Styletto Silver

The depth of cut may vary depending on the razor blade you choose to use.
1) KAI or Feather razor blades will make this razor deeper.
2) Uncoated razor blades (Stainless) will make this razor medium deep.
3) Coated razor blades (Platinum or Teflon, for example) will make this razor even softer.

Material: Titanium Steel 316Ti
Colour: Silver
Gap: 0.50mm
Handle length: 85mm
Handle weight: 85gr
Handle diameter: 13mm
Head weight: 27gr
Head length: 4,2cm
Head width: 2,4cm
Total length of razor: 9cm
Total weight: 112gr
Made in Italy


All Styletto Safety Razors are sold in an elegant gift box designed to enhance the qualities of the product contained.

Styletto Safety Razor

The Styletto safety razor is the result of an exclusive collaboration between the Italian companies The Goodfellas’smile and Minuterie Metalliche Rocchetti.
A development that lasted 3 years, which allowed to create something truly unique and special.
Styletto is the first safety razor manufactured entirely in Italy to be worked exclusively with the latest generation CNC machines starting from a solid bar of Aisi 316Ti stainless steel (Titanium Steel).

Styletto is not chrome plated and is not simply ‘polished steel’ but it is coated with a special and innovative metal coating called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition).
This technology (unlike chrome plating) is non-toxic and biocompatible.

The process takes place inside vacuum chambers, where the metals are deposited on the product by evaporation.

Styletto’s finish is therefore created through a physical process that not only gives the object superior characteristics to any other chemical or electrochemical treatment, but also guarantees a perfectly sustainable coating, with reduced environmental impact and hypoallergenic.

Characteristics of the PVD coating used for the Styletto safety razor:
– Non-toxicity and biocompatibility (according to ISO 10993-10)
– High hardness (2000-3000 HV)
– Chemical and colour stability
– Increased resistance to wear and corrosion (ISO 9227 and ASTMB117)
– Outstanding resistance to the aggressive action of many household and industrial products and to solvents according to MKF test.


Every single Styletto safety razor is hand-polished by experienced craftsmen to ensure the best possible result and then checked one by one to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.
Despite this, minor cosmetic defects are normal, given the handcrafted nature of the work and the polished surface of the razor.

The Styletto razor is guaranteed for 10 years against conformity defects.

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