Van Der Hagen 5 Piece Platinum Safety Razor Wet Shave Set- Night Star

Van Der Hagen

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NIGHT STAR was created for the dreamers, the visionaries, the outside-the-box thinkers. The stainless steel shaving bowl spirals up to meet the badger brush, and the traditional 3-piece razor attaches to the crescent-shaped stand. Whip up a rich, luxurious lather. Lose yourself in the deep blue handles of the razor and brush. You’ll get a close, smooth shave and maybe some inspiration to boot. 

Traditional 3-piece double edge safety razor with open and closed comb edges

Silvertip badger shaving brush

Stainless steel shaving bowl

Metallic stand for razor, brush and bowl

Pack of five VAN DER HAGEN German-engineered, double edge, ice tempered stainless steel blades 

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