Van Der Hagen 5 Piece Traditional Safety Razor Wet Shave Set- IVORY MARBLE

Van Der Hagen

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The IVORY MARBLE shave set is a gateway to the most thrilling, satisfying shave. The badger shaving brush works to create a luxurious lather, and the razor is perfectly weighted to help shave your whiskers with ease. Rest the brush on the lip of the shaving bowl between passes. The elegant metal stand holds both razor and brush, and all three are infused with polished ivory marble. If you want to look sharp, let IVORY MARBLE lend a hand.


Traditional 3-piece double edge safety razor with open and closed comb edges

Silvertip badger shaving brush

Ceramic shaving bowl

Metallic stand for razor and brush

Pack of five VAN DER HAGEN German-engineered, double edge, ice tempered stainless steel blades 

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