Wet Shaving Products  - Shampoo & Beard Wash Bar - Barbershop

Wet Shaving Products - Shampoo & Beard Wash Bar - Barbershop

Wet Shaving Products

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Scent Profile:  Barbershop- Our inspiration was an Italian barbershop. We’ve blended all the signature scents of a barbershop into this intriguing fragrance. Pairs perfectly with the matching shaving soap & aftershave. We started with a base of powdery musk, added some bergamot, orange zest, oakmoss, patchouli, and finished it with a hint of geranium.

Our 'poo bar will leave your hair squeeky clean (yes, it will actually feel squeeky clean) and well conditioned. You'll notice the change immediately. Your hair will start to feel different. But don't worry, that's the feeling of actually clean hair. You'll also notice that it's significantly softer, without the use of extra conditioner.

Don't settle for the cheapest detergent at the grocery store. Use real shampoo. That's right, that liquid stuff you've been using your whole life is a synthetic chemical detergent.

  • Experience a Luxurious Lather - Don’t settle for a thin & uninspiring lather. Instead, you can experience our soap's rich & luxurious lather. Clean your hair/beard in style.
  • Works Great For Beards - It's not just great for the hair on your head, it's also great for the hair on your face. Our 'poo bar will leave your beard softer and cleaner than any store brand detergent 'stuff'. I guarantee it. Or it's on me.
  • Conditions as it Cleans - We've infused our soap with super conditioners Olive Oil and Shea Butter. No need to use any extra conditioners with our 'poo bar. Unless you really, really want to. Your hair will come out of the shower softer than you can remember.
  • Dangerous Chemicals Free. Our vegan formula using natural ingredients is made in small batches at our workshop in Chandler, Arizona USA. No chemical surfactants. No parabens. No preservatives. Just real, manly, soap.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you aren’t 100% happy, we don’t want your money. Don’t like it? We’ll send you something you do like; and if we can’t, we’ll refund your entire purchase price.

Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Argania Spinsosa (Argan) & Fragrance 


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