Wilkinson Sword Shaving Soap Stick

Wilkinson Sword Shaving Soap Stick

Wilkinson Sword

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Convenient and extremely portable, the Wilkinson Sword Shaving Soap Stick helps make a daily lathering quick to do and very effective when the sharp blade takes its passes. The solid stick formulation requires only that the soap is rubbed on a warm, wet face. The shaver then has the option to use a brush to create a lather directly on the face or to build up some suds with wet fingers. Palm lathering is also a choice. Anyway you choose the fine textured lather is a classic, providing a comfortable cushion for any of your favourite razors. 

Over 100 years of quality shaves have their beginnings in the Wilkinson Sword Company’s decision to diversity into men’s and eventually women’s grooming in 1897. Find perfectly positioned tools and products from this venerable British company online at Fendrihan, the Shaving Store. 

Weight: 2 oz (50 g) 
Product of Solingen, Germany

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