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345 Soap Co: Shark Bite Shaving Soap Review

345 Soap Co: Shark Bite Review

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About the artisan from the website: “345 Soap Company is a family-owned small artisan shop run by Jon and Annie Patton. We have three kids, and live in a small town in Northern Colorado. We’re native to Colorado, and enjoy all it has to offer. It all started one day when I ran out of soap in the shower. I went online to buy more, and ended up going down the internet rabbit hole. What seems like a million clicks later, I thought, I’ll just make my own: and in early 2019 the 345 Soap Company was born. With the support of family, their creativity, advice, and support each product is made with them in mind.


The main concept behind our products is to keep them simple, and make it faith and family based. Keeping it simple; everything we make is homemade and small batch. This allows us to ensure the best quality product for you.


We set out to make products that were natural, and healthy, but affordable too. With this in mind, we make everything in small batches. This allows us to ensure every ingredient is in line with each other, and supports high quality product results that can still be reasonably affordable.


Thank you for your support!


  • The Pattons”


Packaging: The soap comes in a six-ounce white container with a 5.8 oz pour. The container will sit in the lid should you be a tub loader and need to dry the soap. The label has a great, vibrant design. The tub also has a side label that has the company information, ingredients, and the soap name.



345 Soap Co: Shark Bite Review345 Soap Co: Shark Bite Review

345 Soap Co: Shark Bite Review345 Soap Co: Shark Bite Review



Scent: The scent notes are listed as pineapple, pear, coconut and wood. The scent strength is slightly above medium at a 5.5 or 6 off the puck and goes up to about a seven once lathered. Off the puck, I mostly get the fruit scents with a hint of wood. Once lathered though, the wood note becomes more prominent.


Performance: It has been stated by a few on YouTube that 345 Soap Company is the darling of 2021, much like Moon Soaps was of 2020. The soap is really soft, to the point that it will leave some on your finger when you touch it. Just because it is a really soft soap don’t think that it can’t take much water, this is one thirsty soap. I scooped out enough soap to fill the center portion and the next ring of my copper Captain’s Choice bow and had more than enough soap for a full face and head shave. One tip for bowl latherers, if you think you have added enough water while making the lather, add some more. I thought I had the lather hydrated enough, but had to apply more water once applied to my face (I have had to do this every time I use this soap, you would think I would learn my lesson by now). I did not have to return to the bowl for any pass on my face, but did after my face shave to shave my head.


Post Shave: The post shave on this soap is pretty good, but I would recommend using at least witch hazel. I have used zero post shave products with this soap a few times, but much prefer to use witch hazel and maybe a balm.


Price: The soap is $16.95 for 5.8 ounces, which is $3.44 an ounce, which is really reasonable.


Final thoughts: This soap has wonderful performance at an exceptionally reasonable price. The base performance is right up with most other soaps out there. The scent is one that at first, I was not sure I would enjoy. However, after multiple uses the scent has grown on me. It is still not one of my favorites scents, the wood note is a little too strong once lathered. The performance, however is the reason I will be keeping the soap. I do plan on getting more soaps from this artisan, I’m sure there are other scents they offer that are more in my wheel house.



Have you used 345 Soap Company before? Do you have this scent? What are your thoughts about this artisan? If you have not used 345 before, do you plan on picking some up now? Let us know in the comments below.


Disclaimer: The opinions shared in this review are those of the reviewer and are not necessarily those of The Razor Company, or other parties involved.



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