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A simple lowering of the head ... a small tip of the hat ... a slight lift of the eyebrows, the gentleman’s nod is an unspoken gesture acknowledging the dignity and solidarity that all gentlemen share.  Universally understood among civilized societies, it may appear in different forms across time and culture, but its basic meaning remains.  Appreciating this common link among men, Gentleman’s Nod grooming line was created.  A modern personal care brand with historical context. Recognizing that throughout time, cultures and generations, gentlemen not only have a universal way of showing respect, but a common desire for personal care and quality.  To further this concept, each of our fragrances is a “nod” to famous men in history. The aromas take their inspiration from each gentleman’s namesake and are intended to honor the unique accomplishments of pioneering men in history. In addition, each fragrance is numbered to reflect and coincide with that man’s unique mark.
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