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Post-war, 1945 - a small shaving company was started.

Producing vegetable oil based shaving soaps and importing Solingen made razor blades, the company was named Tcheon Fung Sing after its founder. Born in China, he emmigrated to Italy in 1930 where he married an Italian woman who helped establish the company during those fledgling days.

1951 saw the first major success for the company, as they won the Gold Medal for shaving products at the inaugural Turin Fair.

As production of shaving soap continued through the decades, Tcheon Fung Sing passed the reins to his daughter Gabriella Tcheon, and subsequently his granddaughter Paola Barile who makes the soaps today.

Since its inception, TFS has respected the ancient art of soap production, using only vegetable based materials. The longevity of those soaps, produced without preservatives, is guaranteed by the handmade production process.

TFS exemplify tradition, passion, and innovation in wet shaving - an Italian excellence appreciated across the world.

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