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GINGER'S GARDEN™ from Rancho Mirage, California is a one-woman business. I make Handmade Artisan Soaps, Wet Shaving Shave Soaps, Shaving Creams, Lotions made to order, Lip Balms, Custom Colognes and Perfumes, Shower Gel Body Wash with organic aloe, Liquid Soap, and Natural Aftershave. All are quality products made locally, naturally, and with care. GINGER'S GARDEN™ cold process soaps are hand mixed in small batches and hand-cut. They are thoroughly dried and cured to ensure that they last. My handmade soaps are gentle and mild and suitable for most skin types. Handmade cold process soaps retain all the natural glycerin that is part of the natural soapmaking process.

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