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Catie’s Bubbles: A Purple Grapefruit Review

Catie’s Bubbles: A Purple Grapefruit Review

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About the artisan from the website:

“Sometimes we find a hobby that we love. Sometimes that hobby turns into a passion. I have taken that passion for soapmaking and turned it into Catie's Bubbles (named after my daughter) to share that passion with you.

I have spent the past few years researching, working on formulas and developing these phenomenal products that I am now happy to share with the world. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.”

Catie’s Bubbles also recently celebrated their eighth-year anniversary.


The soap comes packaged in an 8oz container, but with a 4oz pour. The container is a little narrower than many artisan soaps out there, and it is a little taller. The labels are clean and the scent notes are noted on the top label. There is a side label that also has the soap name prominently displayed (a nice touch for those that stack their soaps). The side label also contains the ingredients and address of Catie’s Bubbles. The containers are not clear, meaning the soap integrity will not be depredated by the light.


Catie’s Bubbles: A Purple Grapefruit Review  


The scent notes, as described by Catie’s Bubbles are “A relaxing blend of lavender and pink grapefruit essential oils.” Off the puck I get the grapefruit front and center with the lavender coming out on the back end. The scent strength is mid off the puck and slightly stronger once lathered. I would put the scent strength around a 5 out of 10.



Catie’s Bubbles is a top-quality soap with wonderful ingredients. It is a little on the hard side, but it is still easy to scoop out for a bowl lather. Depending on the amount scooped out, soaking the soap a little would be advantageous, especially if using a softer knot.

Catie’s Bubbles: A Purple Grapefruit Review

I used a synthetic for this review and did soak the soap a little, but still ended up working the soap a little longer that some (but not by much) and was rewarded with a dense, thick lather that went on well and felt great on the skin. I scooped out a lot more than I would normally but I wanted a little thinner lather as I was using a shavette for this shave.

 Catie’s Bubbles: A Purple Grapefruit Review

This was more than enough for a three-pass shave with plenty of lather left over. I could have added even more water to this lather, but it was still slick enough to use with the IBC and an AC blade. Even with a more aggressive style razor, the lather I created was more than slick enough and provided great protection for the exposed blade.

Post Shave:

For this shave I finished up with witch hazel mixed with some Nivea crème for additional moisture, especially in the winter months. The soap leaves my skin feeling well hydrated and could easily be used without any additional post shave products. Catie’s Bubbles does offer matching splashes (which I admittedly still have not tried yet), and I am sure the post shave with the splash is wonderful.


At $14.00 for 4oz, or $3.5 an ounce, the price is certainly right in line with some budget friendly soaps.

Final thoughts:

Catie’s Bubbles was one of the first artisan soaps I ever used and it has been a staple in my den since. I think the quality (especially for the price) is hard to beat. The scent of this soap is fantastic, especially if you like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. Catie’s Bubbles is a fantastic soap that seems to be overlooked and underappreciated today. The artisan (Chris Cullen) is extremely friendly and has helped a lot of aspiring soap artisans through the years. I can easily recommend this soap and scent.

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