Which Double Edge Razor Blade is the Best?

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The Quest for the Perfect Shave: Navigating the World of Double Edge Razor Blades

For many, shaving is a daily ritual that combines art, technique, and the right tools to achieve a smooth, close shave without irritation or nicks. Among the arsenal of tools at a shaver's disposal, the double edge (DE) razor stands out for its precision, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. However, the blade you choose to pair with your DE razor can significantly impact the quality of your shave. With an overwhelming variety of brands and specifications, how do you find the best double edge razor blade for your needs? Let's delve into the world of DE blades, explore some top contenders, and discuss why personal experimentation is key to finding your perfect match.

Understanding Double Edge Razor Blades

DE razor blades are a marvel of simplicity and efficiency. Made from stainless steel, these thin, sharp blades are designed to fit all standard DE razors. Despite their similar appearance, blades vary significantly in terms of coating, sharpness, durability, and price. These variations can affect the shaving experience, influencing factors such as comfort, closeness of the shave, and irritation level.

Top Contenders in the DE Blade Market

While there are numerous brands on the market, a few have consistently stood out for their quality, performance, and popularity among wet shaving enthusiasts.

  1. Feather New Hi-Stainless: Hailing from Japan, Feather blades are renowned for their extreme sharpness and precision. They offer an incredibly close shave but may be too aggressive for beginners or those with sensitive skin.

  2. Derby Extra: Derby blades, made in Turkey, are known for their gentleness. They are less sharp than Feathers, making them an excellent choice for those new to DE shaving or with sensitive skin. However, some find they need to replace Derby blades more frequently.

  3. Gillette Silver Blue: These Russian-made blades strike a balance between sharpness and smoothness. Many shavers find Gillette Silver Blues to be versatile, offering a comfortable shave across a variety of skin and beard types.

  4. Astra Superior Platinum: Astra blades are another favorite, offering a good mix of longevity, sharpness, and comfort. Manufactured in Russia, they are praised for their consistency and value for money.

  5. Personna Lab Blue: Made in the USA, these blades are celebrated for their quality and comfort. They're considered by many to be a great all-rounder, suitable for a wide range of skin and beard types.

The Importance of Reviews

Reviews can offer valuable insights into the performance of different blades. Many wet shavers share their experiences on forums, blogs, and social media, discussing how various blades work with different razors, skin types, and beard densities. For instance, Feather blades may be lauded for their sharpness in a review by someone with coarse hair and tough skin but might be deemed too harsh by someone with sensitive skin.

However, it's crucial to approach reviews with the understanding that shaving is highly personal. A blade that works wonders for one person might not suit another. Factors like shaving technique, lather quality, and even water hardness can influence how a blade performs.

The Path to Your Perfect Blade

The journey to finding your ideal DE razor blade is highly individual. Here's why personal experimentation is indispensable:

  • Beard Type: Coarse, thick beards may require sharper blades for a clean cut, while finer hair might be better served by a less aggressive blade.
  • Skin Type: Sensitive skin might react better to smoother, less aggressive blades to minimize irritation.
  • Razor Used: The aggressiveness of your razor can influence the best blade choice. A milder razor might pair well with a sharper blade, and vice versa.
  • Frequency of Shaving: Daily shavers might prefer a blade that offers comfort and a lower risk of irritation, while occasional shavers might opt for sharpness to tackle longer stubble.
  • Personal Preference: Ultimately, the feel of the shave, the level of comfort, and the desired closeness are subjective and vary greatly from one individual to another.

Starting Your Experiment

Begin with a sampler pack of DE blades, which typically include a variety of brands and types. Use each blade for a few shaves to assess its performance across several criteria: closeness of the shave, comfort, irritation, and durability. Keep notes on your experiences to compare and contrast the different blades.


Finding the best double edge razor blade is a personal journey that requires patience, experimentation, and a willingness to explore. While reviews and specifications can guide your initial choices, the ultimate test is how a blade performs for you. By understanding your needs and preferences and being open to trying a variety of blades, you're on your way to discovering the perfect match for your shaving ritual. Remember, the ideal blade is not about the price or the brand—it's about the quality of the shave it provides you. Happy shaving!

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