Epsilon - Classic Mint - Aftershave Splash - 400ml

Epsilon - Classic Mint - Aftershave Splash - 400ml


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Epsilon - Classic Mint - Aftershave Splash - 400ml

Tradition and modernity for the perfect skin care. Calms irritation and gives a pleasant sensation of freshness.

The Epsilon brand was born from the passion for classic shaving. A careful selection of products that are developed for the needs of the most demanding shavers and professionals.

Each of our products is backed by an intense development work and study of market concerns and trends. Exclusive limited editions of shaving brushes, "Basic" brushes for all types of hair, shaving accessories and a new line of after shave with a markedly classic character, which renews and improves the essence of the authentic barbershop.

Epsilon seeks to fill the shaving niche with genuine and personal products. We seek to convey our enthusiasm for shaving through the quality and functionality of our particular proposals.

Our goal is to make the great shaving classics fashionable. A refined massage that evokes tradition and elegance. A classic shaving treatment for the skin that soothes irritations and provides a pleasant sensation of freshness. Its pleasant floral aroma will transport you to a beautiful spring evening in a beautiful garden.

An indescribable “Splash” sensation that fills the daily shave with memories. Calms and revitalizes the skin, leaving a pleasant feeling of well-being. Closes the pore avoiding infections thanks to its antiseptic and astringent effect. Glycerin provides the formula with the ideal extra hydration.

Packaged in a 400ml glass bottle with a shutter for a perfect dosage.

Universal mouth suitable for standard diffusers.

You can't resist reliving the classics.

How to use:
apply to shaved skin and massage gently.

Made in Spain.

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