Myrsol - Antesol Pre/Postshave Massage - 200ml

Myrsol - Antesol Pre/Postshave Massage - 200ml


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Product Description

Myrsol's Antesol works as a pre-shave and a post-shave tonic. This product refresh when its splashes into the pores, creating an enhanced wet-shaving experience. 

As with all Myrsol products, this mixture is crafted specifically with exquisite attention to detail. Because it's designed to soften skin and disinfect it with every use, this product contains only the most necessary ingredients for an aftershave.  

The refreshing mixture meets the needs of the shaving gentleman. Since it carries vintage appeal, this product possesses the power to attract the older gentleman, while the unique and classic look captures the attention of the young man, making this appealing to all of the gentlemen shopping at your store.  


This incredible product is from Valencia, Spain. 


Alchohol denat., aqua, sorbitol, parfum, menthol, citric acid, CI 19140

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Wake up to Myrsol!

Made in Spain

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