Myrsol - F./ Extra Aftershave Splash - 200ml

Myrsol - F./ Extra Aftershave Splash - 200ml


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One of the newer additions to Myrsol’s line of aftershaves, the "F/Extra" soothes and regenerates the skin.  This final step in your post shave experience will provide a pleasant and refreshing, cooling sensation after shaving, ideal for sensitive skin.  It has an intense and long lasting fragrance.

This formula is dermatologically tested and contains a unique musk and menthol scent

Miquel Ricou founded Myrsol in the 1940s and spent the early days working out of his home. Once a barber, he was always in search of good products so he began to study chemistry to learn how to produce lotions. Self-taught, and buying quality ingredients, he created formulations that are still used today. The brand “Myrsol” is an acronym of his name, although he chose to spell it with a Y instead of I. The famous art deco bottle of aftershave is his personal design. Today Myrsol manufactures and sells of perfumery and cosmetics products in Barcelona, Spain.

Made in Barcelona, Spain.

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