Van Der Hagen - Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades - Pack of 10 Blades

Van Der Hagen

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Our Basics razor blades have been meticulously crafted to effortlessly glide across your skin, leaving you with a close, comfortable shave that will make you feel like a million bucks. Say goodbye to the days of annoying razor burn, painful cuts, and unsightly nicks. With Basics Blades, your skin will thank you every time you shave.

Not only do our blades provide an incredibly smooth shave, but they also boast exceptional sharpness and durability. This means that you can enjoy a long-lasting, impeccable shave without worrying about costly blade replacements. For best results, use with Van Der Hagen Shave Soap or Shave Butter.

    Contains 10 Double Edge blades

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