Henson Shaving - Copper - New Beveled Edge Aluminum AL13 Double Edge Safety Razor

Henson Shaving

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Designed Without Compromise

The Henson is designed to present the blade at the optimum shaving angle, with as little blade extension as possible.

We then set out to engineer a manufacturing process to meet the tolerances required, without compromising from the design.

The result is an alarmingly safe shave that eliminates irritation.

A baby smooth shave.
One pass. Zero irritation

Skin irritation is totally avoidable.

Rather than cutting beneath the skin, the Henson AL13 shears the hair precisely at skin level.

Buy once. Use forever.

Made from aerospace grade aluminum, and manufactured at our aerospace facility in Ontario, Canada, our razor is built with the same AS9100 aerospace standards required to create satellite components.

The only chance for Henson to compete with the deep pockets of the big companies and bring this to the masses, is to create a razor so good that you can't help but tell your friends about it.

A smart investment for your skin
(and your wallet)

What people are saying about the Henson

Extreme precision makes all the difference.

With a blade that only sticks out roughly half the thickness of a human hair (0.0013"), this razor eliminates all the unnecessary blade extension. This means less blade flex and therefore less chatter along your skin.

Chatter is what causes razor burn and irritation.

This razor is only possible to produce because of the lessons we learned from aerospace manufacturing the last 20 years.

What you'll get.

Henson AL13 aluminum razor

5 Pack of double edged blades*

Lifetime Warranty

*The average user will get a month's worth of shaving or more from the 5pk of blades included. Additional blades can be purchased from anywhere and it works out to less than 50 cents per month.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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I’ve been using the razor for 3 months now, and it’s certainly very high quality, not showing any signs of wear, loosening or anything. The big cut outs on the back work really well to clear hair out of the blade really easily.

It did take me a bit to get used to though, because you really have to use almost no pressure, but still just enough to make sure it does actually get all the hairs. And the nature of the flat, inflexible blade makes it a little more difficult to shave curved areas like my chin without cuts.

I did get the Medium version which has more blade exposure because I wanted to get a really close shave, but maybe it would have been better to play it safe!