Parker - Alum Block - All Natural 125g


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Not all alum blocks are created equal. Our Parker Alum Block is made from the highest and purest natural Potash Alum. Many less expensive bars are from chemically derived components. This alum block is superior as an aftershave treatment with antiseptic properties. To use, simply wet the bar in cold water and rub the bar against your skin. Wait 30 seconds or so, and then rinse. You will feel the antiseptic in action. This bar is great for treating minor shaving cuts and nicks as well. 

  • A natural antiseptic which also closes pores and treats shaving nicks
  • First used by Egyptians over 4000 years ago
  • Made from 100% pure natural potash alum
  • Large 125 Gram/4 oz. stone will last for years
  • Packaged in a plastic travel case with an outer carton for protection (rinse off and store in a dry place with air circulation to increase the life of your block)

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