Rocnel - Elite Model 2022 - Stainless Steel Safety Razor


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Changes to the handle piece. An anti-slip surface texture has been created on the handle. On the handle; There are diamond cut diamond patterns that you can see directly with the naked eye and circular textures that you can detect with close vision. Thus, an effective non-slip feature is provided even in wet hands. The set screw slot of the handle has been changed. In order for the set screw in the top cap section to enter the handle section more easily, a free space has been opened in front of the beginning of the guide. In addition, there is a radius at the end of the set screw. In this way, the risk of the set screw gears entering the set screw bearing at the wrong angle is eliminated. This change was made when some users wanted the razor loading process to be made more practical in the bathroom environment. These are the most sensitive areas of three-piece razors. For this reason, detailed design and production studies have been carried out for the development of this area.


A groove is made on the back surface of the base plate for the handle piece to sit on. In this way, the handle part can be combined with the base plate part, just like Lego. With the changes made in the guide bearing of the handle, assembly and disassembly processes have been made fast and safe. The durability of the product during assembly has been increased.


The overall weight balance of this model has been restructured. Reamer is drawn to the inner part of the handle and the inner area is emptied. The design of the base plate part and the engraving part has been changed and their weight has been reduced. The total weight of the product is configured as 99 grams. With the razor loaded, its weight is 100 grams in total.


Its shaving abilities have been developed, inspired by the A group of the previous elite model. It is aimed to make the sharp edge of the razor more useful. For this purpose, design changes were made in the base plate and top cap part. Fluently, the feasibility of waste foam discharge is increased. The elite model can perform its function without clogging during shaving. We have developed this model to meet the expectations of our customers who shave their beard daily. We have previously sold this model with different base pallet options. However, all parts have been developed for one feature only, so as not to spoil the overall composition of the product. We do not generally publish the GAP dimensions of our products. Because users can choose the wrong product by comparing the GAP sizes of different brands. There are dozens of different issues that affect the shaving ability of the razor. The GAP measure is only one of these considerations. There are shaving tools that have the same GAP size but have completely different functions.

The surface treatment of this model has been done with lapping technique and equipment. The lapping technique is used for surface leveling of luxury watch cases. The surface of the treated part is abraded according to the desired sand level by preserving the geometric structure. This is the main difference with conventional polishing. For the application of this method, ultra-precision grinding machines, special abrasive discs, specially designed apparatus and qualified craftsmen are required. No abrasion is applied to the inner part of the top cap part and the upper part of the foam channel of the base plate part. Because etching operations in these areas may adversely affect the function of the product.


The entire product is made of AISI 316L type solid stainless steel. The steel used for the construction of the top cap and base plate parts is supplied from France. The steel used for the handle section is supplied from Italy.


Ultra precision CNC machines are used in the production of the product. Techniques and consumables used in the production of luxury watch cases are used to process the steel. Steel cutting, surface leveling and assembly workshops are independent of each other. Simultaneously with the improvement of the cutting comfort of the razor, the quality of workmanship is also improved. Both activities are carried out simultaneously.


WARNINGS: It is not a model for entry-level users. It is not recommended for shaving the hair area, shaving the genital area and general body shaving. After using the shaving tool, it should not be stored with a razor loaded in it. It is not suitable for multiple use.

Made in Turkey (İstanbul City)


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