Rocnel - SE-P - Stainless Steel Single Edge Safety Razor


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SINGLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR - Please read the details below.

2016 Model - Re-manufactured

All solid AISI 316 stainless steel.  This model is for professional users only.

Head part is manufactured using high technology CNS EDM machines.

The Razor Handle is standard CNC diamond cut.

Product surface is sandblasted.  Some regions have been leveld by the lapping technique.

Suitable for use with standard Half DE blades.

After loading the blade in the razor, the end tabs will be protruding.  It is necessary to break the end tabs of the blade off that protrude from the head.

Please Read:

The head is one solid piece, and does not separate into 2 halves.  Loading the blade is accomplished by sliding a half DE blade into the slot and aligning, and then breaking the tabs off.


Made in Turkey (İstanbul City)


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