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Barbedeaux | Wet Shaving | The Razor Company

Barbedeaux “After Shave Moisturizing Therapy,” (BBDX MRBT) replaces the natural oils and fats that are removed during shaving. BBDX MRBT Helps regain the natural moisture balance on the surface of your skin. Barbedeaux recognizes moisture loss caused by shaving so we added plant derived moisturizer to replace needed moisture for the skin. NSaid were added to combat inflammation and reduce razor bumps. Jojoba and Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) create a soothing effect after every shave. while the Vitamin E was added for its antioxidants properties. When used after each shave, Barbedeaux Moisturizing Razor Bump Therapy will give you a Fresh, Smooth look that brings your best face forward. Try Barbedeaux and let your confidence shine through from the board room to a night out on the town.