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Catie’s Bubbles Sunrise: Shaving Soap Review

Catie’s Bubbles Sunrise: Shaving Soap Review

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An easy to lather vegan shaving soap that does not require a lot of water. Clean and pleasant scent blending from the three notes with plenty of spaces to load from the tub. If this is something that you are looking for, check out the details below.


Catie’s Bubbles Sunrise Luxury Shaving Soap



A blend of litsea cubeba, tea tree, and peppermint essential oils create a slightly cooling, lemony punch in the face to help get your day started.


Net wt. 4oz


Ingredients: stearic acid, water, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, shea butter, fragrance, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, sodium lactate, and glycerin

This is a 4oz pour in a 8oz jar so you will see that the jar is approximately half full. This is done intentionally to give room for the brush to load directly in the tub.



The label is quite simple; Title of the soap along with the description of the scent notes, the brand label and the weight/content of the soap. Ingredients are listed on the side along with contact information. Basic Brown-orange color across the label. It has all the information that wet shavers would look for without extra graphics to distract them.

Caties-Bubbles-Sunrise-Shaving-Soap-Review Caties-Bubbles-Sunrise-Shaving-Soap-Review



The scent is clean and pleasant. It starts with the slight citrus note from the litsea cubeba, and a nice blend of the peppermint and tea tree to give it a clean, medicinal, and fresh vibe. The scent strength is 3/10, enough to notice and not overpowering; more of a relaxing scent for the evening.




The lather is easy to generate and does not require a lot of water to properly hydrate. 2-3 iterations of water drops are enough to hydrate the lather and smooth out the pasty look to the lather. The lather has a creamy feel but does not give a fatty feel, as it is a vegan product. Being a vegan product does not discount its performance but it does give a lighter feeling lather compared to most tallow products. It generates enough volume to last for the entire shave (Avg. 35 sec tub load). Scooping out the soap resulted in more volume in one instance of a lather test.

Caties-Bubbles-Sunrise-Shaving-Soap-Review Caties-Bubbles-Sunrise-Shaving-Soap-Review

Caties-Bubbles-Sunrise-Shaving-Soap-Review  Caties-Bubbles-Sunrise-Shaving-Soap-Review


The shave with this soap worked out well. It provides a great primary slickness (When the blade glides on the first coat of lather) throughout the entire shave. It provides a decent residual slickness (When the blade glides on a minimal/transparent coat of lather), being able to buff on certain spots. The soap, though does not have menthol in the ingredients, provides slight cooling due to the peppermint oil. It allows for a relaxing and cooling experience without tearing up because of menthol.


The post-shave was satisfactory. It did not dry out the skin as some commercial soaps can and left for a good result.


The soap is easy-lathering, creamy, and slick. Presentation is excellent with all the necessary information. Scent is fresh and clean with the blend of the three notes while not overpowering the nose. Lather is easy to generate and maintains the creaminess without requiring a lot of water. It provides good slickness and it does not dry out the skin. This soap would be great for starting wet shavers and those who are looking for lighter feeling shave soap with a clean and fresh scent.

*The opinions shared in this review are those of the reviewer and may not reflect those of The Razor Company.



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