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Barrister and Mann: Omnibus Base Review

Barrister and Mann: Omnibus Base Review

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Packaging: The new base comes in the same containers as previous Barrister and Mann soaps. One nice addition to the packaging is the actual name of the base on the side label, unlike a symbol on previous bases. The container itself is opaque with a black lid. The side label states the name of the scent, the base, and the ingredients. For this review, I used the Leviathan scent


Performance: The performance of the new Omnibus base is phenomenal. It feels dense, creamy, rich, and nourishing on the face. The first few times I used it, I scooped out a decent amount as I was also planning on shaving my head. I found the base very easy to lather and it can take quit a bit of water. I have not been able to break the base yet, which is quit a good thing. The soap is quite soft and easy to scoop out for those who bowl lather. If you prefer to load off the tub, I can see a relatively short load of 10-15 seconds with a damn brush being sufficient. In the pictures below, I used a polished stainless steel lather bowl to show the soap better due to the dark color of the scent used. This particular scent also had an off-white color to it, but no need to fear that it can change the color of the brush. I had no issues with knot discoloration in any use of the soap.

Barrister and Mann: Omnibus Base ReviewBarrister and Mann: Omnibus Base Review

Post Shave: The post shave feel with the new Omnibus base is phenomenal. I have mentioned in other reviews that post shave products are not needed with this soap or that one. With Omnibus, that is absolutely the case. I did a few shaves with it and finished with a cold-water rinse is all. While I do not recommend this for every shave, it can be done. 

Price: The price for the new base is on par with the previous bases from Barrister and Mann coming in at $19.99 for 4oz of soap. That equates to $4.99 an ounce, which is a little on the expense side, but it is worth it in my opinion. 

Final thoughts:  I am a fan of the Excelsior base, Soft Heart, and the reserve base from Barrister and Mann, I have not had any issues lathering either one. Though I have heard some people have issues with Excelsior, and ever Soft Heart to some extent. I think if you had issues getting a suitable lather with any of the previous bases, this one will be slightly easier to use. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the base can take a good amount of water. If you are not satisfied with the slickness, or consistency of the lather with Omnibus, try adding a little more water. 

Have you tried the new base from Barrister and Mann? If so, what are your thoughts? Do you want to try the new base? Which scent are you hoping they release in Omnibus? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: The opinions shared in this review are those of the reviewer and are not necessarily those of The Razor Company, or other parties involved.



I have the Nordost. Best base so far in my books.


I used the Leviathan and Nordost soaps exclusively for the month of February, originally due to their great scents, but I soon realized how great my skin was feeling and looking. I have pretty sensitive skin, and typically experience pimples a few times a month due to shaving, however, the month of February was pimple free. I also noticed the moisturizing benefit of this omnibus base, in the dry February weather my upper face was red and dry after being exposed to the outdoors, or after a gym session, but my cheeks and neck where I shave showed no signs of distress or redness.
I push a lot of friends towards wet shaving, and typically recommend they start with an omnibus based B&M soap and aftershave. This base is a well made product that goes beyond the seamless and enjoyable shave described in the article above.

Tim Campbell,

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