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Løthur Grooming Shaving Soaps

Løthur Grooming Shaving Soaps

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I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of the wet-shaving hobby in August of 2022. I’m the type of person who loves trying new things and even at the ripe age of 37, I’ve been able to find not only a new hobby I love, but a community that is second to none!


When learning about different artisans and falling in love with so many of the creative labels, there was one brand that really stood out to me. The label was clean, the tub and splash bottle were matte black and it just screamed simplistic to me. That brand is none other than Løthur.

 Løthur Grooming Shaving Soaps

Jonny, the artisan behind Løthur, is one of us. He’s a wetshaver first, but took his passion for wet-shaving and created a brand that many in the community adore. I’ve talked to Jonny many of times and he is a wealth of knowledge. A play on the old English and Norse word for “lather,” Løthur (Jonny) dove into the nitty gritty, studied the science and created a product that uses minimal ingredients while focusing on quality.

 Løthur Grooming Shaving Soaps

There are a number of exclusive collaborations Løthur has with The Razor Company.


Red: Inspired by Polo Red

With scent notes of grapefruit, jasmin, ambery wood accord, vetivert, patchouli and oakmoss it’s an amazing soap when paired with Polo Red.


White: Inspired by Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo

Many in the community know I’m a HUGE fan of Løthur White. It’s my go to recommendation for anyone interested in exploring Løthur. I’ve recently bought a bottle of Uomo Salvatore to compete the “trifecta” when using White.

Similar to Uomo, you’ll notice a Tiramisu accord that makes this soap a powerhouse in the gourmand category


Blue: Inspired by Bvlgari Man Glacial Essence

A fresh, aquatic scent with salty sea accord, spring floral accor, citrus notes, amber and wood. Blue is very clean and fresh when compared to the other TRC exclusives. If you enjoy fresh aquatic scents, then Blue is a great additions to your aquatics.


Black: Inspired by Tom Fords Noir de Noir

Off the tub you can feel the vanilla, leather and pink pepper notes. It rounds out with a musky accord and is a perfect scent for a night out or date night. This is my most recent Løthur purchase to complete my TRC exclusive Løthur sets.

 Løthur Grooming Shaving Soaps

While I’ll be the first to admit I am a SUCKER for killer soap labels, there is something about Løthur labels that really caught my eye. They’re very minimalistic and simple. The splash bottles are a beautiful matte finish and the tub and bottle pair beautifully for the perfect SOTD photo!


If you haven’t had a chance to try Løthur, try out some samples. You’ll be extremely happy with the scents and overall performance Jonny has created for us!


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