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Review: Stirling Soap Company’s Electric Sheep

Review: Stirling Soap Company’s Electric Sheep

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As I am a marketer for my day job, I’d be remis if I did not begin this review by pointing out the clever product naming; the Electric part is an accurate descriptor to the scent as it does provide a buzz to your nose, and the Sheep being a nod to the mutton tallow base this formula is constructed with. The artwork itself is also worth noting, as Stirling shifted away from their standard ‘soda pop’ style branding of soap tub and aftershave and installed this dynamic and rather aggressive martial art sheep. I get a kick out of thinking the character is a mix between Samuel L Jackson and Mareep (Pokemon).

Review: Stirling Soap Company’s Electric Sheep

While there are many scents in the shave soap industry that I would describe as complex, this is not one of them. There are two main flavors that hit your nose, lemon and citronella. I can honestly say that I’m not typically a fan of the Pine Sol lemon scent, or the anti-mosquito citronella candles that overtake your ability to smell anything else. However, the mixture here is pleasantly blended in equal strengths and not overpowering as a whole. While smelling the soap in the tub, I thought the scent was on the more intense side, but the aftershave does a good job of dialing that back a bit. I caught myself a few times throughout the day wondering where that fresh lemony smell was coming from in my office cubical, only to realize it was actually me.

I find that I never really get the whole picture of a soap until I shave with it at least twice, and I try to shave with it for a morning shave and an afternoon/evening shave as well since my perspective on something can shift based on the day’s events.

For my first shave I used my Stirling finest badger shave brush for some fun brand matching, and also utilized a vintage Gillette Adjustable Slim with a Feather stainless blade that was towards the end of its life. I bowl lather, which lets me experiment with the lather in a little bit more controllable way, and this soap took off and built up quite quickly. I will say that I had to add a tad more water than I normally would in order to get the consistency I enjoy, but nothing egregious. The shave itself was enjoyable, Electric Sheep is not the slickest soap I’ve used, but it certainly did not feel dragging or too thin to provide hydration. Its scent fills the room pretty easily, and I’d put it in the medium-high category level for intensity. I also noticed that the aftershave did a great job closing up my pores and giving me that finished feel without the typical tingle that we’ve all come to associate with alcohol-based aftershaves, a pleasant surprise.

My second shave was four days later, and I used the same brush and razor but with a fresh blade. I paid more attention to the water ratio this time and again found it needed more water than other soaps, but I got to my preferred lather consistency much quicker this time. Again, the soap provided the same slickness and protection I’ve come to expect from other Stirling products, which should serve as a testament to their brand’s quality and consistency. I experienced no nicks, razor burn, pimples, or redness after either shave, which I’m generally prone to due to my sensitive skin.

Overall, I’m pleased with Electric Sheep, and it will find itself in my normal rotation of scents.  I’m under the impression that this is a seasonal scent from Stirling Soap Co., which means you’ll have to grab it this spring/summer if you want to add it to your collection. It comes in the standard soap size, and the aftershave in balm or splash. If you find yourself enjoying citrus scents, I definitely recommend picking this one up.


Tim C.

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Man, I love Stirling Soap Company. Every product of theirs that I’ve ever tried has been top notch quality. Excellent customer service as well. Try them out….you won’t be disappointed.

Todd Fitzgerald ,

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