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It all started on reddit. Andrew founded AP Shave Co. in 2016 after falling in love with wetshaving by being a community member in both subreddits. It all started with the now widely famous Tuxedo knot and has expanded in recent years to a wider range of synthetic (and badger!) knots, handles, and full brushes.

Andrew has spent the past couple of years creating shaving brush options for every budget. Whether you're looking for no non-sense brush to get the job done everyday, or a functional piece of art that will last you a lifetime, AP Shave Co. has plenty of options for you.

AP Shave Co. believes in supporting small businesses. As such, we source raw materials from small suppliers across the world: UK, Germany, Italy, USA, France, Japan, and more, for the handcrafted handle line. 

When purchasing an AP Shave Co. handcrafted brush you're not only supporting my small business in Canada, you're also supporting & rewarding small talented businesses across the world!

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