Barrister And Mann - Shave Soap Samples - 1/4oz

Barrister and Mann

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1/4 oz Sample jar.

Unsure what scent you would like from Barrister And Mann? Try our samples!

 Leviathian SHAVING SOAP:

Scent Notes: Russian leather accord and blended it with notes of sandalwood, coffee, cedar, and musk.


Scent Notes: Spicy fougère that plays on the green soapiness of galbanum oil, with cinnamon, bergamot, rose, geranium, lavender, and tonka bean, and overlaid with the rich, tangy, slightly acidic edge of a truly fine passion fruit.

Paganini's Violin SHAVING SOAP:

Scent Notes: The smell of clean skin after a hot shower, interlaced with fruity undercurrents and tea.


Scent Notes: Blackberry blended with resin of balsam fir, while oakmoss and vetiver lace the undergrowth, imparting earthy mossiness and wood.


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