Abbate Y La Mantia Krokos Shaving Soap

Abbate Y La Mantia

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OLFACTORY: here we are. Standing. The sun is rising. The light is about to explode. The saffron flowers are about to open and invade everything. Waves of a sea made of worked earth.
SENSUAL: the most cared for, massaged and purified skin that can give you a shaving soap. A quantity of saffron extract that can only be found in precious cosmetics.
ACTIVE: holds an absolute record as:
-anti-redness (limits the effects of the blade on the face);
– free antiradicals (oxygenating the skin obtaining brightness and uniformity of the complexion);
– lenitive (excellent also for sensitive skin); but most of all
– restores skin cells.
“since more than seven thousand years, like the elixir of youth”

Saffron petals
Soap base:
Extract of saffron stigmas, at the maximum quantity in a soap
Gommage (pre-shaving) – healing (during the shaving) – moisturizing (after shaving)

NOTE:  If you live in a warm climate, or are ordering during summer months, Abbate Y La Mantia Soaps may arrive slightly deformed and settled to one side of the tin.  The consistency of these soaps are incredibly soft.  This is not considered defective – you just need to spread out the product in the tin. 

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