Black Mountain Shaving - Crossroads - Eau De Parfum 50ml

Black Mountain Shaving

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From Black Mountain Shaving:
Product Details: Product: Crossroads
Volume: 50ML

You're about to take a trip through my personal story both in life and scent. My story begins much like many of us finding our way, thinking about the girl, and carefree. There are many forks in the road. Some leading us to beg for mercy, as was my case. Between battling & recovery from addiction at a very early age and simply getting lost to tearing my world down to nothing and rebuilding several times over, each step was a new path to today. No deals were made on this journey. Blood, sweat, and many tears grew me to maturity. From fear to turning it on its head making it work for me. This scent will lead you through that. I picked Spring for its theming. I view it as a rebirth after winter with sweet, green, fresh garden herbs and blooms to the cold hard reality of night when the cold sets back in just to remind me of where I came from and where I might return. The sun and ray of hope of the new day is represented by citrus and apple. Warming and grounding notes of vanilla, vetiver, cashmeran and Patchouli encompass the base. In short, Crossroads is a sensory explosion of all the right and often wrong turns represented in my past. Sweet allure with earthy realities.

50ml 1.7oz

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