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Product Details: Product: SUTTON
Volume: 50ML

"The only way you're gonna learn any damn thing is to do it yourself. I don't care what it is."
- Popcorn Sutton

SUTTON is inspired by Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton, who was one of Western North Carolina and East Tennessee's most infamous outlaw moonshiners. Just like him, this EDP is dedicated to those who defy anyone who tells them they can't, laughs at adversity, and knows the power of hard work to prove them all wrong.

This scent was developed to represent a still site deeply hidden in the Carolina mountains on a cold day. You'll smell the heavy smokey Oud up front along with other wood notes mixed with sweet and herbal notes tobacco. All of which is settled and surrounded by comforting cashmere.

Just like Sutton's Moonshine, the scent is strong up front and smooth going to dry down.

Main Scent Notes: Oud, cedar, balsam, tobacco absolute, and cashmere

50ml 1.7oz

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