Boker - Classic Black Shave Brush - Synthetic Fiber


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Boker Coramella with Handle 63cm

High quality genuine leather strass in Russia with a nickel-plated steel loop that can be used to hang it. The leather handle also ensures a pleasant grip, the product includes skin care paste.

Work surface: 5.0 x 40 cm


The famous shaving razors with the stylized mark of a tree are born in the city of Solingen in the 1869. Since the foundation, no razor has skied the factory without this sign of quality. The fundamental pillar of Boker is the passion and enthusiasm unchanged for 150 years, the international success of the product range Boker and the long family tradition is at the same time an incentive and an obligation to design and produce high quality and innovative razors in the future. The razor factory Boker has become a global innovation leader and is the largest manufacturer of razors in Europe.

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