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Constructed with the same thick gauge copper and flared edge as the Heavyweight, Aquamarine weighs a full ten ounces. Rather than a hammered finish, this offering has a distressed look with a splash of color. Named after that unique space where green and blue come together, Aquamarine has a rich visual aura that is simply stunning.

Created by an artisan to our specifications, each lather bowl is crafted one at a time. It begins as a sheet of copper as seen in the pictures, and following application of the hammered finish, ridges are impressed into the bottom to help expedite the lathering process. The sides are fashioned to achieve a stunning contoured profile that is ideal for both containing the lather and preventing the brush from knocking against the sides of the bowl.  The convenient thumb rest is affixed to the exterior and is slightly indented for a secure grip. After the top edge is finished off, the company name is stamped into the bottom.  Lastly, the durable proprietary coating is applied, allowed to cure, and then refined by the artisan to achieve this striking effect.

The beauty of this handmade item is that each one will differ slightly.  The natural imperfections in the copper along with the individual craftsmanship of each bowl ensure that no two will be exactly the same. They measure approximately 4 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" deep and will appear similar to the one that is pictured.

Care instructions: Hand wash only -- do not place in dishwasher. After each use simply rinse off and wipe dry.

*As with any handmade item each piece will vary slightly in size and finish.  

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