LEA Classic Shaving Cream - 150gr Tube

LEA Classic Shaving Cream - 150gr Tube


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Shaving soap in tube designed for use with a shaving brush. Provides a velvety and slick lather.  Enjoy your shave with this cream. 
150GR size will last for many months.

Dermatologically tested


Founded in 1823, Lascaray SA (LEA) is one of the most long-lived industries on the Spanish territory and is located in Alava. During almost 200 years of history, LEA has diversified by adapting itself to technological advances and changes in market trends.
In the 1823, Juan Bernardo Lascaray reaches Vitoria from Ciboure (France) and creates a small-tallow candle factory in the Prado district of Vitoria. With the second generation, thanks to Casimiro Lascaray, the new plant called "L'Estrella Alavesa" is launched in 1855 where the production of candles and soap continues.
In 1885 Félix Lascaray succeeded his father in the direction of the company with the aim of consolidating the industrial project, acquiring the profile that continues today to have, but consolidating in two production sectors: fractionation of fatty acids and soap production.

In the early '20, under the direction of the fourth generation of the Lascaray family and thanks to new production processes, the LEA brand was born ; production of quality shaving products, which in a few years manages to become the Spanish benchmark for creams and shaving soaps.
More recently, under the direction of the fifth generation of the family, LEA develops, produces and markets one full range of personal care products and cosmetics for men, women and children.
Today, Lascaray SA (LEA), under the protection of the sixth generation of the family that started the business, has become a point of reference for the European market, both for the classic shaving and for the care of the beard and for the cosmetics with a strong presence on the domestic market and outside.

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