Design 94 - Titanium Double Edge Safety Razor

Design 94

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Technical information

  • Weight 96g
  • Dimensions (LXWXH): 
    42mm x 19mm x 123mm
  • Material: pure titanium (>99.2%)
  • Blade protrusion -0.05 mm
  • For all standard razor blades
Titanium Razors come packaged in a beautiful, elegant, hand-stitched, navy blue travel case. In this way, they retain their special shine and unique character.

Our Titanium DE safety razor is made entirely of the purest titanium (> 99.2%). Titanium is not only the heaviest of all light metals, but also a sustainable material, which is characterized by its longevity - made for eternity and for generations to come.

In complex production processes with more than 100 work steps, our titanium razor is carved out of a forged titanium block. We achieve its graceful surface through multiple grinding and polishing as well as matting using the finest glass beads.

In addition to these properties, the Titanium has excellent shaving qualities. He is ideal  Balanced, precise, is characterized by a very good grip and is therefore easy to handle. Thanks to the groove design of the razor head and the ideal angle of the blade, the shave is very gentle and very thorough - even in the shower. The blade glides smoothly over the skin without being aggressive.  Skin irritation  are significantly reduced. 

The generous, open foam edges ensure easy and thorough cleaning under running water. Your daily shave becomes a ritual of care and enjoyment.

Its shapely design and the soft silver color make it a gem in your bathroom.

We were awarded!

In the first year since Design94 was founded and our first premium product line "Titanium" was launched, the Titanium Shaving Set was named by the German Design Council in the category  Excellent Product Design - Bath & Wellness category  with the  German Design Award Special Mention  excellent.

The German Design Award is the premium award from the German Design Council. With its global spectrum and international appeal, it is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries.

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