Dovo - Straight Razor - Bismark - Ebony Wood Handle - 6/8

Dovo - Straight Razor - Bismark - Ebony Wood Handle - 6/8


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Dovo - Straight Razor - Bismark - Ebony Wood Handle - 6/8 SHAVE READY

Made with Swedish carbon steel, the DOVO Bismark Straight Razor features a full hollow ground blade measuring at 6/8".

This beautiful razor is made from world-famous Solingen steel and is supported by a lush wooden handle. It also features 24K gold etching on its blade with gold trimming on its spine and handles, adding an extra touch of luxury to this high-grade product.

DOVO's dedication in noticeable in every product that they make. Backed by a century of experience making shaving supplies that achieve the best possible shave, this razor's quality speaks to old and young shavers and makes an excellent gift or bundling item, bearing vintage charm that is rare today.

The Dovo Bismarck is a 6/8" fully hollow ground carbon steel straight razor weighing approximately fifty grams.   The classic round point straight razor's handle is made of ebony wood embossed in with the trademarked "SOLINGEN" logo, and the Dovo Bismarck's spine and tang. been given a gold wash treatment.

Dovo's Bismarck 6/8 is commonly referred as a shoulderless style razor - no secondary ridge exists at the heel which would otherwise need be avoided during stropping and honing processes.   Furthermore, this particular forging of the Bismarck is often called a "thumb notch" razor, as its tang has a shape that is designed with a thumb tip first and foremost in mind.

Crafted to perfection in Solingen, Germany.


  • Swedish Carbon Steel Straight Razor
  • Full Hollow Ground
  • Straight Razor SHAVE READY - right out of the box.

Made in Germany. 


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