Fatip Piccolo DE Safety Razor - Nickel Grande 42105

Fatip DE Safety Razor - Nickel Grande 42105


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The most known and used. The oversized shape and ease of shaving make it one of the most popular razors in the world. The knurled handle helps rotation during blade change. Finishes: Chrome, Gunmetal (Black), Golden, Polished Nickel-plated.

Weight 66 g
Total length (A) 87 mm
Handle length (B) 78 mm
Head width (C) 42 mm

Fatip safety razors are made TOTALLY in Italy.
The metal used is brass, which is processed by the artisans of Premana,
first in form and then plated in various finishes.

The head is mounted by unscrewing the handle and lifting the lid
Place the new blade under the lid
You rewind and tighten the handle and you are ready for shaving

Fatip. To each his head
The razors are recognizable for the particular "open-comb" original head that guarantees a perfect and deep shave for every type of beard.
Today, the Fatip razor is also equipped with the "closed-combed" Gentile Head version, for a delicate and easy shave.

Open comb head (open comb).
The Original The Open Comb Head was introduced at the beginning of the 900 on the first safety razors, with the aim of making shaving the ample whiskers and whiskers that were fashionable at the time.
The Fatip razor is known for the head with 11 comb thin teeth and for this reason we called it: the Original.
The comb head is open to the bottom because the skin tends less and the hair, slipping between the "teeth" of the comb, is closer to the blade. The razor should be placed on the face not by pressing, but sliding it.
The Original guarantees a deep and accurate shave for all types of beards (close shave), ideal for those with hard and thick hair. We recommend using a softer blade (mild) among those on the market, combined with a good oil or pre-shaving cream that prepares the skin, facilitates sliding and softens the coat.

Head with closed comb (closed comb). La Gentile
The Fatip Gentile head features the characteristic closed bar and is equipped with slightly larger teeth 9
compared to those of the Original head. In the case of the Gentile head, the hair is combed and the bar tends the skin, but prevents the blades from sinking too much. Shaving is less aggressive and easier.
La Gentile is indicated for a daily shaving and for sensitive skin. Also recommended for newcomers to the safety razor.
Given the lesser aggression, it may require in certain areas of the face, more passages or greater pressure, but it always manages to guarantee a splendid and safe shaving. The user can also experiment with more or less sharp blades according to his needs.

The Fatip razor is suitable for all skin types, especially for those who love deep shaving.
Use a quality pre-shave product, cream or shaving foam.
A warm softener shower before shaving to reduce the chances of abrasion or small cuts.

The Fatip razor was created during the Milan Boom years, the years of reconstruction and rebirth. A period in which man, his style and his rituals return to being dominant in a new and enthusiastic society.
In the 80 years, the production of the razor moved to Premana (Como), which is still today the epicenter of Italian craftsmanship, a "cult" place where all Handmade cut objects are considered unique and distinctive.
The production of the razor known today as Fatip was born at the beginning of the 50 years.
The razor immediately becomes extremely popular for design and special workmanship.
Years' 80. Ilario Fazzini, expert craftsman of Premana, introduces the FATIP brand, maintaining
original aesthetic features and at the same time inserting innovative processes aimed at increasing quality and performance.
Today the Fatip razor is used and appreciated all over the world for the style, the manageability and the safety of the cut.
A "cult" instrument, worthy representative of the Italian art of shaving.
"Premana is a village of artisans located at 1000 mt above Lake Como. Production district renowned for the
production with very high quality content of: professional knives, scissors and cutting tools ".

The Fatip razors are ambassadors in the world "of the pleasure of shaving" and among the best exponents of Italian craft culture ... the real one, handed down from father to son.

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