Fatip Testina Gentile Closed Comb DE Safety Razor - Grande Chrome 42122


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Fatip, the Italian razors with the original brass head, are handmade in Premana, district overlooking the lake Como, well known thanks to the expertise and skilled production of metals

In 2015, Fatip used their experience and expertise to develop an entire new razor head called the "Testina Gentile" or in English "Gentle Head"

This safety razor is a 3 pieces safety razor marked with the classic handle ionic column design interrupted by elegant knurled base, that facilitates the screw opening of the head. It’s totally made of brass and then subjected to metallic finishing process.

The razor is perfectly balanced and easy to use. The new GENTILE “closed comb” ensures an easy and delicate shaving on every type of skins

Total length: 87 mm

Handle length: 78 mm

Weight: 66 g

Made in Italy

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