Feather - Carbon Steel Double Edge Razor Blades - 10 Blades


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Carbon steel blades offer superior sharpness compared to stainless steel, combining mild aggression with durable sharpness. While they are gentler, they maintain their sharpness longer than stainless steel, making them a more preferable choice.

Feather Carbon Steel double-edge razor blades represent the perfect fusion of tradition and advanced technology. Crafted with the same precision and high-quality control standards as surgical blades, Feather's double-edge razor blades are compatible with any standard double-edge razor. Each blade is individually wrapped in air-tight, paraffin-coated paper and packaged in hermetically sealed dispensers. This ensures a long shelf life, even in areas with high humidity. Available in packs of 10, these blades feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort and are compatible with all traditional double-edge razors. Made in Japan, these premium blades embody the finest qualities of Japanese craftsmanship, reminiscent of the city renowned for its Samurai swords.

Key Features:

  • High-quality control standards.
  • Packaging designed for long shelf life.
  • Provides a close, smooth, and convenient shave.
  • Country of Origin: Japan.
  • Manufacturer/Importer/Brand: Feather Safety Razor Co Ltd.


  • Length: 42.8mm (1.685").
  • Cutting Edge Length: 36mm (1.42").
  • Width: 22mm (0.865").
  • Thickness: 0.127mm (0.0045").

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