GoodFellas Smile - Cliffhanger - Closed Comb Safety Razor

The GoodFellas Smile

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The Goodfellas’ smile Cliffangher Safety Razor

With the Cliffangher safety razor, the ritual of morning shaving will transform into a moment of pure pleasure, essential to start the day in the right way. Using the Cliffangher safety razor, equipped with a closed comb, ensures a comfortable and delicate shave, but at the same time precise and detailed.

The elegant design combined with good quality mechanical precision makes the Cliffangher razor ideal for those who wish to shave daily or every other day. The Goodfellas’ smile Cliffangher has been designed to offer a shaving experience that combines gentleness and precision. Thanks to an optimized blade angle, this razor is also perfectly suited to those who are approaching the world of traditional shaving. The defined contours and clean lines that can be achieved at the base of the beard will be the distinctive signature of every shave.

This razor is masterfully made using zama and brass, enriched by a high-quality chrome finish.

Product details:

Weight: 79 g
Width: 42 mm
Length: 98 mm
Blade Gap: 0.69
Finish: Chrome
Design: Closed guard
Color: Silver
Material: Chromed Metal

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