Greencult - Blade Protection - Basic Razor - Sand Beige Color

Greencult - Blade Protection - Basic Razor - Sand Beige Color


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Technical information

Greencult Blade Protection - Basic Razor 

Greencult has designed the first plastic-free blade protection cover, which is made from regional PLA directly in Vorarlberg and, with a thickness of 4mm, can withstand far more than conventional protective covers - and it is also completely plastic-free!

An extra hole in the blade guard gives you the option to store your plane directly in the shower.

Greencult prints the protective covers in their 3D printer with eco-energy in Vorarlberg, Austria. Please understand that 3D printing can sometimes create minimal "blemishes" in the surface, this means that small holes/stripes can appear in the case, which in no way affect the function, but are visually present.

NOTE: Do you already own a safety razor and would like to have this protection? Please note that safety razor heads differ on the market. This model was specially designed to fit tightly on the Greencult Basic safety razor which is a cast head razor .  The Greencult head can be seen as a standard cast zinc head, so you may think it should fit other heads, however, it was specifically designed for the Greencult brand so it is  not likely identical to other cast razor heads on the market. 

What makes this blade guard special:
Material made of PLA based on corn starch. Manufacturing in Austria. The blade guard is extra stable and unbreakable. It has a hole for even better storage in the shower.

Available in 4 colors: Use Drop Down menu to select the one you want

Made in Austria

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