Greencult - Double Edge Safety Razor - GC 1.1 Black

Greencult - Double Edge Safety Razor - GC 1.1 Black


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Technical information

Greencult Double Edge Safety Razor - GC 1.1

The Greencult GC1.1 DE Safety Razor - The All-rounder razor from Austria
The GC1.1 razor is made of stainless steel 303 in Austria. Unlike commercial cast razors, which are mostly from Asia, the Greencult GC 1.1 is CNC milled. The production from high quality stainless steel offers some advantages like individual tolerances, a better blade fit and a more robust material.

What makes the Greencult GC 1.1 DE Safety Razor so special:
Made 100% in Austria: in our family business in Götzis, Vorarlberg, Austria.

  1. Functional design: non-slip grooves + extra long handle
  2. Concealed blade ends: A razor head where the razor blade does not protrude from the side – no more unnecessary cutting!
  3. Made of 100% stainless steel → unique selling point on the market: no chrome-plated surface (chemical environmentally harmful production process) due to inferior base material as with many of the other cast razors on the market
  4. Our colored handles: noble DLC coating made of carbon – known from luxury watches and cars – especially durable and high quality matt (coating is done here in the 3-country-corner AT/CH/DE in the near vicinity in Switzerland and Southern Germany)
  5. Available Separately: Custom-made, plastic-free PLA based blade protector in 4 available colors

Available in 4 colors combinations


Blade Gap: 0.65mm
Blade Exposure: 0.10mm
Handle length: 100mm

Made in Austria

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