Hone - Type 15s Double Edge Safety Razor with Stand - Stainless Steel


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The Type 15 is the original Hone razor. Mild, efficient, and designed to last for a lifetime. With the introduction of this stainless steel variant we complete the line-up for this generation of razor. It carries on our tradition of only machined components to achieve the best fit and finish and a product that can last a lifetime, but in ultra durable stainless steel.

Comes complete with Stainless Steel razor stand.


Stainless steel sets the bar for precision instruments. Providing a stable material for high quality machinery and equipment regardless of the conditions you throw at it. Hard to work, but the results are equally hard wearing for the most demanding and faithful tools.

The 15s has the feel of our award winning razor mixed with the purposeful qualities of stainless steel. A combination that makes the 15s a tool that will be ready for every shave.


All type 15 razors have the same geometry, to provide a mild but efficient shave, to leave you irritation free and comfortable.

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