Martin de Candre Fougere Shaving Soap 50g (Fern)

Martin de Candre

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Martin de Candre Fougère Shaving Soap 50g (Fern) - Artisan Soap & 100% Vegan


Martin de Candre LIMITED EDITION Fougère Shaving Soap
Le Savon à raser en Edition Limitée Fougère - Limited Edition Fougere Shaving Soap by Martin de Candre of France. This premium, luxury, handmade soap has added cologne made from twelve essential oils. As soon as you swirl your shaving brush on the surface of this soap you know this is no ordinary shaving soap. The scent and the lather are stronger and richer than other brands and the lather seems to stay in the brush a lot longer than other soaps, you will also notice that the soap retains heat leading to a better shave.
The shaving lather is rich, creamy, protective and lubricating.
Expensive? Yes, unashamedly so, however, this soap should last the average wet shaver around 12 months daily shaving.

This is a Limited Edition Shaving Soap, Martin de Candre will stop making this soap during 2019.
The soap is made by a small team in Fontevraud l'Abbaye, rural France.

Martin de Candre Says:
In the past, many perfumes bore the name 'Fern' which, in the world of perfume, means a fresh cologne with a green and woody fragrance. Martin de Candre's Fern consists of a blend of 12 Essential Oils, that has made the reputation of our soap since its creation in 1974. A fragrance for everyone, a rare, delicate, cologne, exuding fresh scents and evoking sweet nostalgia ...

Product Details
50g of superbly scented, luxury, handmade French shaving soap.
Comes in a recyclable PETG plastic jar with screw top lid.

The main advantages of the MdC shaving soap by Martin de Candre :

We have elaborated a unique hot process soap-making method which we have been using in our workshop for 40 years with perfect control over the quality process, using 100% natural essential oils (olive, coconut) and potash (Alkali).
A soap made with this process ensures excellent heat retention without adding any preservatives.
At the end of cooking, we add the finest essential oils to the warm paste which allows us to have scented soaps right to their core.
It takes weeks for the soap to dry and to rid all excess water and refine itself. In our day and age where everything goes fast, it may seem crazy...  but this is the only sure way to greatly enhance shaving soap lather and fragrance properties!
A luxury top quality product, manufactured by a French craftsman, ... and yet one of the cheapest as it lasts a good year going by your feedback and comments.
Finally, let's describe its lather qualities:

The lather thickens rapidly, with a few brush swirls and gives a satisfying close and clean shave that helps skin feel great and moisturised without razor burn. The lather is nice and rich, soft and creamy, extremely pleasant to the skin ... YOU know to talk about it in the best possible way!

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