Martin de Candre Le Domino Shaving Soap 60g Original Scent

Martin de Candre

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Martin de Candre Le Domino Shaving Soap 60g  - Artisan Soap & 100% Vegan.  

Presented in an open square glass bowl.  LIMITED EDITION.


Traditionally made, this soap generates a rich and warm lather when used with a Shaving Brush and hot water. The lather protects the skin and softens the beard while providing an extremely close shave. It is scented with lavender, rosemary and mint.
The shaving lather is rich, creamy, protective and lubricating.
Expensive? Yes, unashamedly so, however, this soap should last the average wet shaver around 12 months daily shaving.

The soap is made by a small team in Fontevraud l'Abbaye, rural France.

Product Details

In a glass creation of La Rochère

60 grams of scented shaving soap

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