Merkur - 39C Polished Chrome Finish w/ Long Handle - Double Edge Safety Razor


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The Merkur 39C Slant Sledgehammer Double-Edge Safety Razor has a slanted blade guard inducing a slicing motion during shaving. A sturdy handle, which is almost double the weight of the Merkur HD, completes this modern and elegant design.

Compatible with all standard double edge blades (i.e. Astra, Derby, Merkur and Feather). Most of our customers who are trying out a safety razor for the first time recommend also buying a razor blade sampler as an affordable way to figure out which blade brand is best suited to their skin type, style of shaving and razor type, before making a purchase of a large quantity of blades of a single brand.

Weight: 4.25 oz (120 g)
Length: 4" (10 cm)
Made in Germany

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