Merkur 44C Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur 44C Double Edge Safety Razor


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Merkur 44c Safety Razor

The Merkur 44 Safety Razor is the latest offering from the acclaimed German manufacturers of some of the worlds best shaving and grooming items.

The Merkur 44c Safety Razor has a large Matte Finish cigar shaped handle. 
The shape of the handle provides a good grip and excellent balance as the weight is where it should be - at the head. This is 21st Century Shaving updating the original 1950s models.

Merkur Safety Razors are known for giving smooth, close, comfortable shaves and this razor is no different, it shares the same shaving head as top sellers such as the 34c, 33c and 38c.

Compatible with all Safety Razor Blades including Feather, Merkur and Wilkinson Sword.

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