Myrsol Liquid Shaving Cream, 200 ml


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Grab your shaving brush and work up a lather with Myrsol’s Liquid Shaving Cream for morning shave. This balm-like consistency cream contains lanolin, glycerin and coconut oil for moisturization and has a delicate lemon chiffon scent. Although designed to be lathered with a shaving brush, this cream also be applied by hand.

Miquel Ricou founded Myrsol in the 1940s in Barcelona, an independent entrepreneur working out of his home. Once a barber, he wanted to create his own products for the salon so he began to study chemistry to learn how to produce his own lotions. Self-taught, and buying quality ingredients, he created formulations that are still used today. The brand “Myrsol” is an acronym of his name, although he chose to spell it with a Y instead of I. The famous art deco bottle of aftershave is his personal design. Today Myrsol manufactures and sells of perfumery and cosmetics products in Barcelona, Spain.

Weight: 6.7 fl oz (200 ml) 
Made in Barcelona, Spain.

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